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Wargames Illustrated WI361 November Edition

Wargames Illustrated Novembre 2017 (Anglais)

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Observation Post

We take a look at what’s new and upcoming in the world of wargaming.

Theme: Big Men on Big Horses

One of our friendly neighbourhood Napoleonic era buffs takes a wargamer’s eye view of the heavy cavalry at Waterloo.

The Floating Hulk

Joe McCullough provides an exclusive solo scenario for use with his Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago rules from Osprey Games.

Theme: Shock and Awe - Medieval Knights

Just how effective was a knight on horseback, how did they evolve and then disappear, and how are they treated by a variety of popular rules?

Designer’s Notes: 1871

Bruce Wiegle expounds upon the influences behind the latest expansion to his popular grand tactical rule system.

Theme: Horseflesh to Horsepower - 15th/19th Hussars

Jim Graham charts the evolution of one British cavalry unit as it moved through the ages from the horse to the armoured vehicle.

Odds Bodkins!

We caught up with the ‘Best Game’ winners at The Other Partizan to find out more regarding their Battle of Crecy demonstration game.

Theme: Bugles and Sabers

Nick Buxey discusses the history of those cultural icons, the U.S. Cavalry, and explores some gaming possibilities.

Rules Showcase: Maximillian 1934

It’s the 1930s, the world in which you live is a mess, what do you do about it? Why, take a car, arm and armour it up and head out into the wasteland - see you on the road, old boy!

Theme: Painting the Royals

Steve Wood is back again, taking us through his technique for painting up some British cavalry.

AL Hamed

Regular contributor Pete Brown begins with a familiar tale of a wargamer sucked into a new period, and concludes by telling us how to game The Battle of Al-Hamed, in order to suck you into gaming the British in Egypt!

James II Part IV: The Battle of Sole Bay

The final part in our series takes a closer look at an interesting confrontation with a touch of everything which makes this period worth wargaming.

How To: Amazing Base

Nick Buxey provides us with a great method for creating North American maize fields.

Historicon Painting Competition 2017

We take a look at some of the excellent entries for our competition at Historicon this year, run as a joint venture with the HMGS.

Company Profile: Geek Nation Tours

What is this company up to? Where in the world do they visit? And why should you go along on one of their excellent tours?

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Wargames Illustrated WI361 November Edition

Wargames Illustrated WI361 November Edition

Wargames Illustrated Novembre 2017 (Anglais)

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