Bolt Action Campaign: D-Day: Overlord (EN)
  • Bolt Action Campaign: D-Day: Overlord (EN)

Bolt Action Campaign: D-Day: Overlord (EN) + Figurine exclusive Capt Colin Maud

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Bolt Action Campaign: D-Day: Overlord pour Bolt Action (Anglais)

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Livre Bolt Action Campaign: D-Day: Overlord pour le jeu de figurines Bolt Action de Warlord Games. Livre en Anglais

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Normandy, 6 June 1944. The Allies undertake the largest and most ambitious amphibious landings in history to return the fight to Western Europe.

  With over 200 pages this new Campaign Book, written by Robert Vella, for Bolt Action allows players to take command of both Allied forces assaulting the beaches and inland defences and those of the axis manning such fortifications. Packed with new, linked scenarios, rules, troop types, and Theatre Selectors providing plenty of options for novice and veteran players alike.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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