75043 - Red Steel (Anglais)

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75043 - Red Steel (Anglais)

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Red Steel

This excellent book written by Chema Cabrero shows through detailed step-by-step processes a great variety of paint schemes and various weathering effects on modern Russian/Soviet armored vehicles, including the creation of small scenes that put them in context and add extraordinary appeal.

Through eight chapters, the entire working process on each model is exposed in a very detailed way, and includes an initial guide in which each following step is defined, based on what the modeler wants to represent and with the techniques to be used in each case. The book shows not only the “how” but also the “why” of using each technique.

The figures providing the “human factor” in all the scenes have been made by Daniel Rivas Galindo, and integrate perfectly in the showcased dioramas.

Also included is a section of profiles by Pablo Patricio Albornoz, illustrating alternative painting and camouflage schemes.

The publication contains a large gallery of photographic references, courtesy of well-known modeler Frances Keegan, and a guide with practical advice on the use of different ranges of Vallejo products.

Number of pages: 240
Format: A4
Language: English/Spanish
Author: Chema Cabrero

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