THE ART OF... Volume Seven - Erik Swinson (Anglais)

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THE ART OF... Volume Seven - Erik Swinson (Anglais)

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This 112-page book is the seventh in an ongoing series of publications that presents the glorious miniatures artwork of artists from around the globe in full-colour, quality photos, supported by descriptions from the artists themselves.

Erik Swinson in an American painter who loves to create bold, striking pieces that grab your attention and draw you in. Whether it’s with smooth blends or textured surfaces, lighting and volumes are an incredibly important part of his approach to painting. A deep, intuitive understanding of colour theory leads to an amazing use of unexpected colours in shadows and highlights across all of his miniatures.

This volume of THE ART OF... series presents a massive number of Erik’s pieces – from tabletop to display, box art to competition – painted primarily over the last five years. It also features Erik’s thoughts on colour theory, colour psychology, common colour schemes, and the practical application of these things.

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