Painting WAR Wild West (Anglais)

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Painting WAR Wild West (Anglais)

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PaintingWAR Wild West

Whether because of the spectacular canyons, the scorching deserts, the infamous saloons or the sheriff’s jail, we all remember the iconic images of the American Wild West.

The tenth edition of PaintingWAR-Wild West is dedicated precisely to this period, immortalized in the western movies of Hollywood. With more than 30 miniatures painted by José Antonio Bustamante, “Busta”, the magazine covers how to paint the principal characters of the Frontier.

With the help of step-by-step guides, the author explains how to obtain the best results in a few simple stages, designed to allow you to obtain the best results in a reasonable timeframe and allowing you to quickly deploy your miniatures for battle.

In this issue you will find the most famous western characters: trappers, sheriffs and outlaws, native American such as Apaches or Cherokees, cowboys, animals and even a stagecoach. All these miniatures are painted in stunning detail. Moreover, with the unique painting cards system choosing the right color combinations has never been quicker or more simple.

Number of pages: 74
Format: A4
Language: English

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